Surgical Revision

Following surgery, some scars may take longer than others to heal, especially if they are due to severe and deep acne. Even after procedural treatment, these scars can remain apparent and bothersome, be red or brown, raised or hollowed out. This is where the surgical revision of the scars comes in. Surgical revision will help make the scars less visible as well as correct their shape and appearance. This is a corrective revision of the scars.

Who is a candidate for surgical revision?

Anyone who has already undergone a first procedure to reduce acne scars or who wishes to make them less visible.

What are the benefits of surgical revision?

Surgical revision of acne scars allows:

  • Ÿ to review the outcome of a previous surgery and if necessary, reduce the appearance of acne scars that have been the subject of a procedure.
  • Ÿ to change the shape and size of the scars.
  • Ÿ to further smooth and even the out the skin.
  • Ÿ to improve self-esteem.


After examining the affected area, the surgeon will advise you on the technique to be performed. The surgery will be adapted to your specific case of scarring, so as to guarantee the best possible result. The surgical revision is performed under local anesthesia.

What is the recovery time?

As this is a surgical revision, you will return home the same day. But the duration of the recovery will depend on the nature of your scars and other external factors. For example, you should avoid exposure to the sun as well as products that irritate the skin.

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