We are proud to announce that the UnionMD Medical Group now has an acne center where patients receive personalized acne treatments based on their medical history, skin type, and acne severity. Our two locations allow us to serve you better.

Although acne problems more often affect teenagers, adults may also suffer the inconvenience. A large part of the population is affected. When not treated swiftly and correctly, acne can leave permanent scars that affect individuals on many levels, both physical and psychological.

At Acne-Derma in Montreal, we offer multiple solutions for acne treatments. Solutions may include topical medications, oral medications, various laser treatments as well as chemical peel options. All of these treatments can also be combined to achieve each patient’s ultimate goal, to have healthy skin.


Our Specialists are fully aware of the impact that acne can have on people’s lives, their well-being and/or self-esteem.  They are constantly working together to offer their patients, the best combination of treatments and personalized monitoring, for the most satisfactory results.

With their professionalism and complimentary approaches, they make sure to offer you the most adapted solutions to your needs. Our acne center in Montreal welcomes you in a modern and warm environment and integrates the best technologies with experienced multidisciplinary team, because we take your well-being to heart.